Ultimate Unmanned Systems

Ultimate Unmanned Systems has been developing large scale Unmanned Aerial platforms since 2015. Our UAS Division comprises of an experienced team of engineering and operational professionals in this quickly developing field.

With a variety of mission capable configurations, Ultimate Unmanned Systems introduces the Viper series of UAV platforms. Our UAV’s can provide a wide range of solutions to either commercial or government stakeholders.

Engineered locally in South Africa, the Viper 1000 platform is our flag-piece UAV aircraft. We work hard to ensure that the ever-changing world of technological advancements is reflected by innovative technologies that keep us ahead of the rest.

Ultimate Unmanned

We offer a turn key solution customized to your every need in the unmanned systems marketplace. We have the wider resources to make sure that what we deliver what the field requires.  Ultimate Unmanned Systems is ICAO compliant and abides with all our home Civil Aviation Authority requirements in this area. We are confident that we can deliver highly tailored solutions for international and cross-border solutions, which meet the increasingly high regulatory expectations of national authorities in the UAV market

Contact Ultimate Aviation Group’s UAS division to discuss options that would suit the environment in which you operate and allow us to show you our wide window of excellence in Unmanned Aerial Platforms.