Ultimate Heli


Carrying materials and heavy loads to remote locations can be an arduous activity.

Why not partner with a helicopter operator that can provide you with the ultimate support soultion? Ultimate HELI has vertical as well as horizontal experience in carrying out utility operations across length and breadth of the continent. We have worked extensively with general contractors and builders in helping them erect towers, position materials, lay fencing, repair infrastructure and shift massive structures with great precision and effieceincy. We do all of this with minimum impact on the surrounding environment.


At Ultimate HELI we can provide you with a wide array of helicopter utility and slinging services, our staff can help you with:

  • Lifting, transporting and positioning of pylons
  • Installing sections of towers and antennae
  • Industrial and commercial construction
  • Installing and uninstalling scaffolding
  • Installing and uninstalling large signs
  • Equipment/tool/material spotting
  • Concrete transfer and precision placement
  • Your requirements with area support
  • Conducting aerial surveys
  • Executing external load operations

It requires great precision and experience to lift difficult loads in challenging conditions, but this is our hallmark at Ultimate HELI. Using helicopters for utility services is especially cost-effective and efficient when heavy equipment and materials need to be moved with great speed, accuracy and precission and there are no direct roads leading to the construction site. Over and above this, helicopters can easily be utilised in lifting and moving heavy paraphernalia, when the use of cranes is difficult, or impossible.