Quality Management System

Ultimate Aviation Group holds the Air Service Licenses: N1042D and G1043D, indicating that we provide non-scheduled public air transport services and general air services operator for single and multi-engine helicopters. We have documented, implemented and maintained a Part 127 and Part 135 Operations Manual that satisfies the South African Civil Aviation Authority as well as the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

The implemented Operations Manual is regularly audited and reviewed to improve its effectiveness in accordance with the Civil Aviation Regulations 2011, as amended.

All employees of Ultimate Aviation Group are responsible for the implementation of our Part 127 and Part 135 Operations Manual.

Quality is recognised as the totality of features and characteristics of our services that bear on our ability to satisfy our operational and customer needs. Ultimate Aviations’ services are delivered through a network of inter-related processes which operate across the functions of the whole organisation, interfacing with customers and suppliers. Ultimate Aviation has adopted risk-based thinking, the Plan-Do-Check- Act and process approach to integrate ISO 9001:2015 into our Quality Management System.

It is our policy to establish and work with processes which ensure that we understand our customer’s needs and that we provide and support our services to satisfy those needs better than our best competitor. Measured levels of customer satisfaction demonstrate our progress towards our goals.

We shall continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through the use of the quality policy, quality objectives, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventative actions and management reviews. Improvement actions are identified by top management and managed by the process leader.

If Quality Objectives have been reached and can be maintained, then the targets are stretched to ensure that the company meets its objective of continual improvement and performance growth. Management also solicits process improvement suggestions from employees. Any employee can submit suggestions for improvement via email to top management, where each suggestion will be reviewed. Accepted suggestions shall be approved for implementation where management shall assign responsibilities and timelines for the improvement implementation.

The primary role of the Quality Assurance Managers on board are to verify, by means of the Quality Assurance Programme and monitoring activities, the fields of flight operations, maintenance, crew training and ground operations, ISO 9001 Standard and any additional requirements as deemed necessary.

Any non-conformances are analysed to develop corrective actions which eliminate root cause and prevent re-occurrence. Records of corrective actions are reviewed at Management Review meetings to establish if any trends can be identified. If so, these trends are used to allocate resources for corrective actions and improvement activities. Any changes to the quality management system procedures found necessary are implemented, verified and recorded as appropriate. All monitoring activities are carried out under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer.

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