Helicopter Charter

Convenience, flexibility and access to busy and remote locations are key reasons why individuals and companies are increasingly utilising helicopter charter for business and personal use. Helicopter charter flights operate on the passenger’s schedule, allowing considerable flexibility and convenient access to your destination. Helicopter charter is a safe and exclusive mode of transportation. Ultimate HELI is just a phone call away, we can provide you with the following tailor-made services.

Things to know

Please note that all the information listed below is part of Ultimate HELI’s standard operating procedures.

  • Weather conditions may require us to change flight altitudes or routes without prior notice.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your departure time to complete ticket information and receive your safety briefing.
  • As stated by Civil Aviation Regulations, all mobile phones must be switched to flight mode during the flight. You are welcome to take pictures or film during the flight.
  • As a general standard, the temperature will drop by 1.98ºC for every 1000ft that the aircraft climbs.
  • Should a passenger be pregnant, a medical certificate from a medical practitioner stating that the pregnant passenger is fit to fly will be required.

Personal, private and executive helicopter charter

You want to reach somewhere as soon as possible and road transport isn’t going to be the right option. You have an emergency corporate meeting and some of your team members need to reach a particular or remote spot ASAP, or you wish to spoil yourself and your loved ones with an unforgettable experience. This service is perfect for your personal as well as your business use. No hassles, but full facilities coupled with maximum safety and security. We provide fully trained and experienced pilots who can handle flights in all regional and international ENVIRONMENTS, whose number one objective is to make your experience as unique and incredible as possible.

Security Requirements

  • Civil Aviation Regulations requires people flying with Ultimate HELI Helicopters to complete a ticket before their flight and to pay attention to the safety briefing given by Ultimate HELI staff before take-off.
  • Ultimate HELI does not carry any dangerous goods of any class on a flight.
  • All passengers are required, by law, to obey all lawful commands given by the pilot and designated ground crew. Any passenger who misbehaves, is disruptive, or threatens the safety of another passenger(s) or Ultimate HELI employee(s) will be removed from the premises and/or have their booking cancelled.

Weather Conditions

  • Flights may be postponed or re-routed in the event of low clouds, heavy rains, strong winds, fog, or any other factor that decreases visibility.

Crew transfers

Need to transfer your crew to a remote location, for instance an oil rig or a distant mine? Need to extend the reach of medical doctors to a remote area? Our helicopter charter service can transfer your crew members with great safety and care, in a timely manner.

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