Ultimate HELI will install PA100 PUREair engine protection on one of our AS350B3 helicopters

Ultimate Heli are pleased to announced that we will install the PA100 PUREair engine protection system on one of our AS350B3 helicopters.

The PA100 PUREair System, co-developed by Pall Aerospace and DART Aerospace, is a totally redesigned, reengineered, and retested engine air protection system that takes the capabilities of its EAPS predecessors to the next level. Featuring Pall’s latest PUREair technology, the new system is self-cleaning and virtually maintenance-free, unlike other filtration systems qualified for this aircraft.

“We are excited about the opportunity to fly the PA100 and work with DART on this project”, said Chris Cornwell, Accountable Manager at Ultimate Heli. “It will allow us to clearly demonstrate its benefits in South Africa’s challenging environmental conditions. At Ultimate Heli, we constantly strive to grow our business while being innovative in looking for new ways to operate more safely and more competitively. The reduced maintenance and increased protection makes the PA100 the engine protection system of choice for our AS350 fleet.”

“Maintenance can be a real challenge when operating in remote locations”, said Alain Madore, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DART Aerospace. “The mining contracts supported by Ultimate Heli in Madagascar require operations in such remote bases and installing the PA100 will help reduce the maintenance burden. This is where the PA100 has a real advantage over conventional inlet barrier filters.”

The PA100 PUREair system will provide the highest level of helicopter engine protection while offering a 2% gain in engine power over conventional inlet barrier filters.

DART has obtained Transport Canada and ANAC STC approvals. The FAA and EASA approvals are expected later this year.

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