At Ultimate Aviation your safety is paramount to us and we take all possible measures to keep you safe and sound while you’re flying high with us.

The pilot in-command of your aircraft is as integral a part of your safety as the machine is. All of our pilots hold at-least a commercial pilot licence. Additionally, every pilot working at Ultimate Heli and Ultimate Air undergoes annual ground school, recurrency flight training and flight evaluation under strict routine in compliance with Civil Aviation Regulations.

Before every takeoff our aircraft go through stringent preflight inspections to make sure everything is in perfect working order and there are no pre-existing snags. We have very strict rules when it comes to allowing our fleet of aircraft to leave the ground; Regular safety auditing processes are carried out by our own staff as well as external aviation safety officials.

All of our aircraft are fitted with a SkyTrac Satellite tracking device. SkyTrac is the world’s trusted supplier of SatCom systems for flight following, mapping and communications based on data, text and voice. Our operations team is able to observe exactly where in the world each and every one of our assets is at any given time. Information updates from this device provide us with exact GPS co-ordinates, Speed, Altitude and Live tracking capabilities to ensure that our aircraft are always monitored.

When it comes to safety, we firmly believe that the best form of defense is offense, and it is with that in-mind that we implemented the use of Air Maestro – a web-based software application that enables our crew to update, manage and supply us with vital operational information. This system manages our Crew Flight and Duty schedules and rostering to ensure that our crews are well rested before each flight Additionally it also incorporates a Hazard and Risk reporting system that encourages our crew to bring to light any potential hazards or concerns that they may be exposed to out in the field. It also encourages the transfer of information between our crews to ensure that thorough communication continues to flow freely.

So when you choose Ultimate Aviation Group you can rest assured that your safety remains our number one priority!

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