Aircraft Charter & Logistics

Not only is Ultimate Air an aircraft owner and fleet operator but we are also able to source and undertake almost any aviation charter mission anywhere around the world.

Operating for over 15 years for clients in the Humanitarian, Oil & Gas, Construction and Government industries, our management team of aviation experts have a diverse air charter and air leasing experience and a passion for working in parts of the world that regular aviation just simply cannot reach.

Ultimate Aviation Group is able to provide cargo aircraft charter solutions of any type ranging from the smallest single-engine light aircraft to the world’s largest commercial airlifter, the AN225. We are also able to organise dedicated passenger aircraft charters in and out of some the world’s most inaccessible areas.

We’d like to think that we can really speak from true experience gained from the field rather than from the isolation of a far-away office in a cosy major capital – we thrive in doing what others call “difficult”.

Ultimate Aviation knows how to get things done when the pressure is on. Africa and the Middle East are second nature to us. Whether it’s a contact for a trucking job inside Mali or knowing the local customs procedures in South Sudan, it is likely that someone within our organisation can find an answer. And fast.

In case of any special aviation requirement, you can rely on Ultimate Aviation to come up with a value-added and compliant air charter solution tailored to your project needs.

Please direct all enquiries to: charters@ultimateair.net

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