Oil & Gas Support

Due to the fact that Oil & Gas support attracts an increased risk profile, we recognise that helicopter operations with-in this sector need to be conducted strictly with-in the accordance of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) aircraft management guidelines.

IOGP has access to a wealth of technical knowledge and experience from its members operating around the world in many different environs, they have developed a set of safety recommendations based on a number of core guidelines and recognised industry best practices. Having familiarised ourselves with this information, we have amended our operations to ensure that we conduct our OGP flights in accordance with these guidelines.

IOGP safety alerts provided a mechanism to allow organizations to share information on incidents they have experienced which either led to, or had the significant potential to lead up-to a major injury or fatality. As a minimum, just a description of the incident is enough to allow an organization to establish whether their own HSE-MS is sufficiently robust to prevent a similar type of incident occurring.

We have established an IOPG aviation policy to provide guidelines for the safe, economic and efficient use of aircraft in support of company operations.

As an example, our aviation policy includes the following :

  • Exposure to high-risk operations should be minimised.
  • Helicopters are to be operated only by aircrew, and maintained by engineers, meeting specified minimum qualifications, and experience and currency requirements.
  • Strict IOGP company insurance requirements are met.
  • Specific operational restrictions are be applied, taking account of the local environment; local operating conditions and safest way to transport passengers.
  • Installation of specialised equipment on board our helicopters such as HUMS, FDM and other equipment to ensure that safety is the number one priority.

The following helicopter services are provided by ourselves for oil and gas operations.

  • Personnel and cargo transport, both onshore and offshore.
  • External load carriage including Heli-Assist Seismic and Helirig operations.
  • Pipeline inspection and survey.
  • Onshore and Offshore inspection and survey operations.
  • Geophysical survey.
  • Helicopter External Transport.
  • Helicopter Evacuation.

Our oil and gas helicopter operations are constantly changing and we keep abreast of these operations to ensure that our helicopters, crew and operations are conducted in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

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