Cargo Operations

Ultimate Air provides a wide range of on-demand and scheduled air cargo services in Africa and Asia and can be trusted to deliver on some of the hardest cargo flights.

The Ultimate Airways aircraft fleet can perform urgent & niche air cargo deliveries for the Oil & Gas, Industrial Project, Aerospace, Automotive and Development industries. All our Part 135 aircraft have DG approvals from the SACAA.

Our customers also benefit from our own exclusive managed fleet of Antonov26 and Antonov72 cargo aircraft positioned strategically in Eastern and Central Africa. Ultimate Air has nearly 5 years of experience of operating cargo aircraft under contract basis in the region.

Our cargo fleet is well-suited to the transport of over-sized, specialist and dangerous goods cargo and can perform both international charters as well as internal-country project operations on a series charter or lease basis. The cargo aircraft crews are well supported by our experienced operations teams in East and South Africa and we work with a wide range of service providers from fuel companies to international permit handlers.

Being part of the Ultimate Aviation Group means we can also offer our customers access to the sling-lift and internal cargo capabilities of the sister helicopter fleet.

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