Ultimate Unmanned Systems


VIPER 1000C – Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

Ultimate Unmanned Systems has developed our own in-house medium altitude long endurance unmanned aerial aircraft (MALE) – The VIPER 1000C can be utilised for both civilian and military missions.

The VIPER 1000C is a purpose-built UAS that has been created to provide a vast array of customers with real-time day/night high definition (HD) imagery and infrared capabilities over vast operational areas. Secure imagery can be broadcast in real-time to multiple ground stations as well as to remote ground response teams with handheld remote viewing terminals.

The design has multiple in-built system redundancies affording high operational reliability and efficiency. It can fulfil a wide range of missions from surveillance to sensitive peacekeeping missions.

Along with being an effective UAV, VIPER 1000C may be flown manually by a pilot from within the aircraft. This is beneficial in that great distances may be covered for repositioning purposes of VIPER, without there being additional SATCOM control and command costs.


VIPER 1000C is designed to perform intelligence and surveillance missions with the following criteria:

  • Real-time theatre intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Coastal, off-shore surveillance; naval and law enforcement applications
  • Anti-terrorism, border surveillance, anti-smuggling and anti-piracy
  • Pollution, forest-fire detection and surveillance
  • Civil and government security, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, natural disasters and environmental protection
  • Mapping, urban planning and topographical quantification determination for mining sector

Technical features

  • Long endurance (28 h with external and internal extended endurance tanks)
  • Rain and turbulence tolerant
  • Fully autonomous flight with automatic take-off and landing (ATOL)
  • Point-to-point waypoint navigation with UAV pilot intervention and re-planning
  • High reliability through back-up logic process
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Multiple payload options through complementing range of HD cameras, FLIR (infra-red) systems, night-vision systems and variable additional fuel options.
  • Two wing-mounted hard points can carry up to 80 kg of weight and can be configured to suit the client’s needs.


The VIPER 1000C integrates the most advanced UAS technologies, including secured LOS and satellite data links, radio relay and state-of-the-art new generation ground control stations. VIPER 1000C failure-resistant system meets military and civil airworthiness criteria, thanks to its multiple redundant architecture and its revolutionary purpose-built flight control unit (FCU).

In Addition, VIPER 1000C has the following additional benefits:

  • Can fly over populated areas
  • Capable of operating and landing in civilian-controlled airspace
  • Transponder and Traffic collision, identify and avoidance system equipped
  • Redundant avionics and flight control systems.


  • Ensures flight safety during critical take-off and landing phases with Automatic Take Off and Landing (ATOL) using Line of Sight (LOS), or Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) link in back-up mode
  • VIPER 1000C boasts additional high accuracy Inertial Navigation Systems for failsafe operation
  • Support for emergency procedures with alternate landing sites, automatic return home feature, signal re-acquisition maneuvers, multiple GNSS constellation support and pre-programmed contingency actions.
  • Quickly deployable, increasing operational flexibility
  • Reduces manpower workload and training requirements

The VIPER 1000C operator need only focus on the mission and on the exploitation of accumulated data.

Performance and specifications

  • Maximum altitude 25,000 ft
  • Endurance up to 28 h depending on configuration
  • Maximum take-off weight 1,100 kg
  • Payload (Variable) up to 350 kg
  • Speed range 51 to VNE 143 kts with a cruise speed of 113 kts
  • Wingspan 18 m
  • Length 8.52 m
  • Height 2.45 m
  • Propulsion provided by Rotax 914, 113.3 HP turbocharged
  • LOS and BLOS Command and Control + Imagery
  • ATC Voice Radio V/UHF
  • Remote video broadcast to ground personnel
  • Ground control station


Command and control centre

Ultimate Unmanned Systems boasts a ground-based Command Centre, which is completely self-sustainable and can be deployed anywhere the client requests. This allows for greater cost saving and flexibility. The Command Centre has the following features:

  • 6 m x 2.56 m x 2 m double axle trailer
  • kitchen
  • sleeping bunk-beds
  • toilet and shower
  • storage space
  • Pilot and payload operator stations
  • Weather station
  • Mission planning station
  • Client monitoring station
  • Supervisor station
  • 230 v AC, 28 v & 12 v DC power supply
  • UPS system
  • Mains supply with generator back-up
  • Wifi
  • Water and fuel tanks
  • Airconditioning
  • SATCOM link