Ultimate Unmanned Systems Launches Viper 1000c UAV

Ultimate Unmanned Systems is part of the Ultimate Aviation Group, a multi-service aviation group based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are pleased to present our Viper1000c medium-altitude, long-range UAV system that was unveiled to the public at the African Aerospace and Defence show held in Pretoria in the Autumn of 2016.

The Viper1000c UAV is an extreme endurance large fixed-wing aircraft with a range of 28-hours and an altitude ceiling of 25,000 ft. The flight is fully autonomous with automatic take-off, landing and point-to-point waypoint navigation. With a cruise speed of 113kts and a total payload of up to 350 kgs, we expect that Viper1000c will be of interest to both the civil and military sectors in Africa.

Ultimate Unmanned Systems will look to offer the platform complete with operators, a Mobile Command Centre for use in surveillance, border control, migration, counter-terrorism, mapping and wildlife or coast-line monitoring over large distances.

For more information please contact Brenton Smyth brent@ultimateair.net

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