Live out loud race day – Kyalami race track, Johannesburg, South Africa

Ultimate HELI is proud to be invited back for the third consecutive year to the Live out loud annual super car day at Kyalami race track, Johannesburg, South Africa

There are no words to describe the intense adrenaline rush experienced in the seat of a supercar tearing around Kyalami Race Track at lightning speed.

This past Saturday saw many guests experiencing just this at the annual LIVEOUTLOUD Supercar Day 2013. In celebration of Aston Martin’s Centenary as well as Porsche and Lamborghini’s 50th birthdays, the day was a resounding success.

From breaking the African record of the most number of Aston Martins in one place at one time, to world-renowned frontman of Jamiroquai and supercar enthusiast, Jay Kay, making a surprise entrance by landing on the track in a Ultimate HELI AS350B2 helciopter, only to jump directly into one of the 62 Aston Martins and take it for a spin before relaxing for the day in the VIP area.

The Signature Event LIVEOUTLOUD Supercar Day 2013 was the race between a helicopter and supercar around Kyalami Race track.

This year the chosen vehicle was an Aston Martin V12 Vantage against an Ultimate HELI Eurocopter AS 350 B2.

After a tight and grueling race the Ultimate HELI Eurocopter was first to take the chequered flag, victorious by a mere three-metre lead.

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