Ultimate HELI adding 2 x Bell 407s to local operating fleet

We are proud to announce inclusion of 2 x Bell 407 helicopters into our fleet.

The Bell 407 is a high-tech single engine helicopter with an airframe that has a track record of performance and reliability, not to mention tangible cost benefits for your organization. Superior hover performance, speed and an even ride.

The Bell 407 has the following features.

  • All composite, four-blade rotor provides superior hover performance, speed and a smooth quiet ride.
  • Safety features include a rupture resistant fuel system, engine exceedence monitoring and a collective mounted throttle that keeps power at the pilot’s fingertips.
  • A spacious 85 ft³ (2.4 m³) cabin accommodates five passengers in club seating and is configurable for many different Para-public missions.
  • Seating capacity 1 + 6 (single pilot).
  • Superb performance delivered by an 813 shp. FADEC-controlled Rolls-Royce 250-C47B turbine engine

We will be using the Bell 407 for passenger transport, aerial surveillance and mine support operations.

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